Brazilian Butt Guide

Women’s buttocks have attracted the eyes of men for centuries, however the new trend of beautifully round, curvaceous, yet firm and trim bums have become so popular with both men and women alike that it’s earned itself a name as a sexy feature of a woman’s body; the Brazilian Butt.

The Brazilian butt has become so popular in fact that there are now workouts, fitness routines, and even cosmetic surgeries designed to give woman the prefect Brazilian butt lift.

With cosmetic surgery becoming increasingly safe and affordable, the number of people opting for elective cosmetic surgeries is on the rise, and the Brazilian butt lift and buttock implants are procedures which are quickly becoming more popular.

brazilian butt lift workouts

Brazilian Butt Lift Tips

However, not everyone wants to go under the knife, and there are other routes you can take if would love to flaunt your trim behind, but don’t want surgery.

To sculpt a Brazilian butt naturally, it comes down to one main thing; exercise. With the right combination of workouts, and careful attention paid to your diet, it’s more than possible to trim up and achieve the firm curvaceous appearance you’re looking for.

People with access to a personal fitness trainer will have no problems in setting a schedule aimed at firming the buttocks, but not all of us are die hard gym enthusiasts. Luckily there are many in –home training DVDs specifically targeted at achieving that Brazilian butt look.

One of the main sellers on the market is Leandro Carvalho’s series of Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs. Carvalho has trained some of the world’s top super models, bikini models, samba dancers, ballerina’s to sculpt their perfect feminine figure.

His series of DVDs are designed for women of all shapes and sizes with workouts including:

  • Slim and Shape for the pear shaped figure
  • Lift and Shape for the too flat figure
  • Slim and Lift for the too big figure
  • Classic Combination for all round results

Exercises for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Here are few exercises you can at the gym to help you sculpt your own Brazilian butt without surgery.

Full Squats

Targets hamstring, glutes and quads.
When it comes to sculpting the perfect buttocks, full squats are simply the best exercise out there. Many women think that they shouldn’t be lifting heavy weights, and aim for higher repetitions as opposed to increased weight. However, its proven that when it comes to closing fat, firming and building muscles, lifting as weight as possible gets the best results every time.

full squats brazilian butt lift

Full Squats

To perform a full squat with heavy weights, its best to start of using some kind of a multi-gym so you don’t have to lift the weight up and over your head.

Start off with the weight resting on your shoulders, supported with your hands on either side of the bar.

The key here is to squat as low as possible whilst looking forward and keeping your back straight. Many people do not squat low enough when doing this exercise, which doesn’t work the glutes as well. So as long as you do no experience any pain, squat as low as you can.

Split Squats

Targets hamstring on a single leg for quick results.
The split squat is similar to the full squat, however this exercise requires a support to rest one of your legs in an elevated position behind you.

brazilian butt lift split squats

Split Squats

With your leg rested and weight positioned on your shoulders in the same manner as the full squat, lunge forward one leg as low as possible, then rise and repeat.

Most gyms will have a set up that allows you to perform split squats. The highly versatile TRX suspension trainer also allows you to perform split squats, but using your body weight as resistance instead of weights.


Targets the entire lower body including the quads, hamstrings, and glutes,
This exercise combines the lifting of weights, with a step-up on a bench. Start off with the weight positioned on your shoulders like squat, then simply step up on to the bench, step down and switch legs.

Be sure to keep you back straight and look forward as you do the rep.

brazilian butt lift step-ups

Step Ups


If you’re aiming for the Brazilian butt look, it’s important to remember that key is losing excess fat and building the right muscles. For this reason, running up hill is tipped as the best and easiest form of cardio training you can do to help perfect you firm but curvaceous butt. Running up hill puts more stress on the muscles surrounding the glutes, and will help with muscle definition.

If you have access to one, another great cardio workout is the step machine.

The Pencil Test

To see how your Brazilian butt is coming along, Carvalho offers this easy test.
Simply take a pencil and place it in the crease where your butt meets the top of the back of your thigh. If the pencil stays put or disappears, you need to lose fat and firm your butt, and that’s where Brazil Butt Lift can help.

Butt Enhancement Panties

There are garments available to help improve the look of your butt right now. It offers a non-surgical option that is comfortable to wear in most situations.

Panty Butt Lift

Although some may feel butt lifter panties are a false lure, it is an affordable option to boost your booty. These types of garments help women improve the shape of their butt without being obviously padded. They take what you got already and improve it. This is an alternative to Brazilian Butt Lift DVD/Exercises and Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery.

Panty Butt Lift

Panty Butt Lift

Use it all day with confidence as the flexible material accommodates to your body’s figure. Special bottom lifter panty. Lifts up buttocks. Waist and Abdomen control. Shapes the thighs. Contains oats and milk. Wear it under everyday clothes or on special occasions for a more attractive figure. Please refer to size chart to ensure the proper fit.

Padded Panty

Padded panties will give you an instant butt. Some feel that it is noticeable, or at least in some clothing situations. Suddenly you have a nice round butt and people notice. They may wonder where it went when you go to the beach, but it offers an safe alternative to butt implant plastic surgery. At the very least it should make sitting more comfortable!

Padded Panty

Padded Panty

Surgery for Butt Enhancement

There are two main options for butt enhancement that each offer their own pros and cons. You can review each of the plastic surgery options below:

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Butt Implants

Butt Implant Surgery


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